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Whashton Parish Newsletter – Summer - August 2022

The Whashton Parish Meeting Committee hopes that you are enjoying the Summer and can take the time to read the Summer Newsletter, which contains important information

Please can you make sure I have up to date email addresses so I can keep you informed of anything important – eg planning applications etc.

Financial position – quick summary

The Annual Governance and Audit process was completed on time and the relevant documents certified and submitted. Copies are available on the website -look for AGAR -and the Public Notice Board at the Hack and Spade

As at 29th June the WPM had unallocated or unused funds of £574 split as follows

-core activities £235

-contributions to grass cutting of the Green £139

-donations for environmental improvements £200

Barring any unforeseen event these funds should be sufficient for the rest of this financial year, but a decision will be required at the October Public Meeting as to how the core activities of the Parish (estimated cost £500) are to be funded next year. At last year's October Meeting it was decided that these core costs should be funded by the net proceeds of a 100 Club; this was duly organised and has provided the necessary funds for this year. The Committee will explain the options at the October Meeting including running a 100 Club for a second year.

A big thank you to Sue Amery for the kind donation of two strimmers to the parish – they will be well used and help the volunteers to keep various areas looking tidy.

If you would like to volunteer to help with grass cutting, please see John at Moss Cottage or email him on

100 Club update:

We still have some numbers available for purchase

Anyone interested in purchasing a number for the monthly 100 club draw can do so by contacting:

Richard Osborne (

Sally Zaranko (

2022 winners of 100 club: - well done and thank you for supporting the parish!

January draw: Robbie MacDonald , Pam Braithwaite, Paul Bernard

February Draw: Jane Connors, Graham & Hazel Dickinson, Hazel Leah

March Draw: Kevin Brenkley, Sue Amery, Steven Braithwaite

April Draw: Ady MacDonald, Graham and Hazel Dickinson, Jane Connors

May draw: Sue Amery, Guy & Suzann Hird, Tad Zaranko.

June draw: Brian & Rachel Lawson, Sally Zaranko, Michael Guy

July draw; Alan & Jenny Cowie, Sian Moore, Jo & Gray Heald

New Website:

We have a new website We hope that it is easy to navigate and that all residents can find their way around the site, and it is a one stop shop for information relating to the Parish. All newsletters, minutes and updates will be available on there from Jan 2022. You will notice the quarterly publication of the newsletters and the 4 meetings per year of the committee which will start in January 2022.

Meeting dates; Wednesdays at 7.00pm Ravensworth Village Hall

Q1. January - 5th January - minutes circulated and on website

Q2. April AGM – election of key officers – 6th April – minutes circulated and, on the website,

Q3. June AGAR – 29th June

Q4. October PRECEPT – 5th October

Newsletters to be released quarterly to include minutes;

Q1 Feb – Winter

Q2 May – Spring

Q3 August -Summer

Q4 November – Autumn

The new dates for 2023 will be on the website shortly for your information.

If you see any motorbikes or quads on our bridlepath – please phone it into the police on 999 as it is classed as a crime in action. Failing that 101 it, especially if you have any details on the vehicles or drivers/riders.

Whashton Parish - Net Zero Carbon and biodiversity projects.

Lizzie Rumble, who has recently joined the Committee, is going to be picking up the projects and is hoping to move them forwards from August.

Currently she is familiarising herself with the work we have done so far including the energy survey. She is doing some training/learning run by YDMT on reducing carbon emissions and has been in contact with local organisations. The hope is that we can then apply for some funding with a clear plan of how we will use that funding as a Parish to work towards net zero.

If anyone has any further resources/contacts/experiences around greener energy or reducing carbon and energy saving, please get in contact with Lizzie or me.

With regards to biodiversity, Lizzie is undergoing some training on campaigning with the RSPB to run a nature related campaign in Richmondshire. It is currently in its early stages of development and aiming to peak in time for the Big Green Week in September.

The first step is getting to know what matters to us in our local community, so please share your thoughts on what matters to you about protecting nature in our area. Also, if you are interested in supporting the campaign in some way, please let us know.

Please contact Lizzie by email: or call: 07969490302

Whashton Womens Walking Group – this has seen some lovely recent group outings with various combinations of Whashton women being able to participate. It is lovely to see it back up and running again. There is now a WhatsApp group for ease of communication, so if you are not already on it – and would like to be – please contact Sue Amery and she will add you on to it.

Anyone can instigate a walk so if you feel like setting out and want some company please post on the group time, date and meeting point.

Whashton Wildlife updates:

Great News – we have secured funding for our Biodiversity Project!

The following is an extract from the Yorkshire Dales Millenium Trust, the awarding body :

“We are pleased to inform you that your Roger Stott Community Grant application has been reviewed by the YDMT Trustees after being recommended by the Grants Panel. The Trustees endorsed your application and I have attached the relevant Grant Offer documents.

Please read the documentation carefully and when you are happy, please sign the grant acceptance and return it to us either by post or email (please note that there will need to be an actual signature on this from rather than and MS type font). If you need to clarify anything then please do not hesitate to contact us.

Once we have received the signed grant acceptance, we shall start the process of paying the grant to you. We aim to do this within six weeks.

Kindest regards and congratulations!


Mike Appleton

Roger Stott Community Grants Project Officer

The grant is for £676 for further biodiversity work at the back of the green and Bobby’s Bank, in the nature recovery areas. I will be sending out further details of what this means in terms of physical help required – so if you are interested in getting stuck in with this project – let me know.

A note from Jenny and Paul with regard to Whashton Wood.

The saplings in the Borrowings are generally doing well but quite a few of the canes and guards seem to have been knocked over, thus making the trees vulnerable. We reckon it's because dogs running through the long grass are unlikely to see the (very small!) trees and bump into them inadvertently.

Once the trees have had a couple of summers to grow, they should be much more visible but in the meantime please keep your dogs on the footpath as much as possible. If you have energetic dogs that like running through the long grass, kindly keep them on a lead for the sake of the trees.

Thanks, Paul and Jenny


There is a small campaign group still trying to put pressure to stop this happening. The deadlines for objections have been extended twice and now it is 31 July. If you have sent letters in can you check that they are on the public portal – if not please contact Joan Jackson at to request that they are. Highways England have put a block on it until December through safety concerns at A66 junction. It has certainly been a positive force in helping the villages work together. Contact Sally for further details.

UPDATE ON WHASHTON FARM DEVELOPMENT – the second consultation has now been completed so we are waiting for the decision. After this there will have to be a period when the farm planning will be out for tender by the Hartforth Estate, and once that is done a Construction plan has to be jointly written including consultation with Whashton Parish Meeting. We will keep you informed as things become clearer.

UPDATE ON BROADBAND - as per email of 27.6.22

I received this from Open Reach:

“In terms of the project the area, I’ve taken a look at our plans and had a quick word with the project manager this morning. We still do have the postcodes below within our sites, the build in the area is a challenging build and we are aiming to have it complete this year. The team have had to move out the finish date for the project and now we are looking at completion by late October to November. I apologise that this has happened but the main reasoning for the finish date being move is due to a lot of existing cable which is buried directly in the ground across the area and with all of our Fibre cable it needs to be placed inside a Duct which is the work that is outstanding currently.

Again, I’d just like to apologise that the plan in your area has changed. Whilst this is unfortunate none of our Fibre plans are guaranteed and our plans can and do change. If there is anything further you need from me please do not hesitate to reach out.

Best Wishes,


Ethan Evans

Infrastructure Solutions Executive Level Complaints Team


Grass and hedge cutting to the approach to the Village from the crossroads – Adrian has kindly said this will be done as he has had to stone pick the verge after Openreach works prior to using the equipment.

And Finally ……..

Summer Garden Party.

21 August 2022. 3pm

Lower Whashton Barns

£3 per person, £5 per couple/family

All monies raised to go towards parish funds.

Tickets in advance (to help with catering numbers)

Open to all parish residents, family, and friends.

Tea, coffee, soft drinks, and Cake available

Bring your own chair/blanket

Parking available – please use one way system – down Rachel Lane and home via Comfort Lane to avoid congestion

To purchase a Garden Party ticket please email me with ticket requests - John will then pop around to collect ticket money

Stall donations:

We would like stall donations for the following – the Stall Holder is shown in brackets

· Books – good condition all genres welcome. (Tad Zaranko)

· Plants – (Sally Zaranko)

· Home-made Jam and chutneys (tba)

· Raffle prizes - (Ian Mains & Richard Osborne)

Please bring them to Sally and Tad at Ashford Cottage by Saturday 20th August

We need volunteers to help the committee with the following: Please let Sally know what you can help with.

· Help set up - including putting up the village tent at Lower Whashton Barns

· Do the stall/stalls on the day

· Sell raffle tickets on the day – sort tickets etc, label prizes (Ian & Richard)

· Loan tables for stalls /cakes /tea coffees etc

· Tea urn/water boiler

· Parking on the day (John)

· Make cakes for the day - excess cakes will be auctioned off!

This is our first social fund-raising event post covid and it’s for the parish not just the village!!Please make this a success so that we can build on it with potential future outdoor events too.

Many thanks to Angela & Peter Hartley for kindly hosting this event at Lower Whashton Barns

01748 824185 house phone with answer machine

07754436927 - mobile

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