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About Us


Whashton Parish Meeting has a committee;

Ian Mains - Chairman

John Moore - Treasurer

VACANT - Clerk

Lizzy Rumble- Carbon Net Zero

The History of Whashton Village Green.


The following are extracts from Minutes of the Whashton Parish meeting:


9th May 1968 8pm


Commons Registration Act 1965.


‘Major Cradock of Hartforth had offered to hand over the Village Green to the Parish Meeting provided it was kept as an open space in the future and that no building would ever take place there on’

‘The offer was accepted with thanks.’

‘Richmond Rural District Council requested to make all the necessary administrative arrangements including the conferment on the Parish Meeting of the Powers of a Parish Council as to Village Greens in accordance with Section 273 of the local government act of 1933.’

‘Whashton wastes was subject of an application for registration as common land.’


8th February 1969


Deed of gift from Major Cradock to Whashton Parish Meeting.


4th May 1969 AGM


‘Village Green, Whashton Wastes and various quarries registered as common land and the legal transfer of ownership from Major Cradock to the Parish meeting of Whashton Village Green was completed.’


24th March 1970


‘It was reported that rubbish from outside of the area was being tipped in Whashton Wastes and enquiries were made to see if a notice board could be erected by the council in an effort to prevent this tipping.’

‘The levelling of the Green was discussed.’


21st April 1970


‘No Tipping Sign agreed’

‘£40 for 3 days work quoted to level the Green’


14 September 1971


‘It was suggested a Flymo should be purchased for the purpose of cutting the village Green.’



Funny how some things never change!!

Sally – August 2021

Why not join the committee?


Being a part of the committee for the parish of Whashton helps you to play an active part in the running, up keep and development for the future of our beautiful North Yorkshire parish. We have a wealth of expertise in our residents and we are sure you all can help make a difference to our community by sharing a skill or area of expertise.

If you are interested in becoming involved just approach any current committee member.


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