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Whashton Newsletter June 2021

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

Whashton Parish Meeting Committee - minutes of Junes Meeting which we were able to hold in Johns Garden, are attached.

Our next committee meeting will be on 7 July 2021 at 4.00pm. If you would like anything to be raised and discussed, please send agenda item to Sally by 30 June – any issues will be reported in the next Newsletter.

AGM – Depending upon the progress of the Governments route map out of the Covid-19 pandemic, and when we are able to hold an open meeting this will be arranged. This is likely to be in September when we will also have the final audited accounts available for review.

Whashton Parish - Net Zero Carbon Footprint Project and Survey.

Ian has been in touch with various organisations to help us to develop this idea further. Both The Green Energy Dr and Citizens Advice offer 1:1 help, advice and support with individuals households on how to reduce energy bills and lower the Carbon footprint. Many energy ambassadors have also been trained across RDC. As soon as lockdown restrictions are fully eased, we will endeavour to secure some services for the parish.

A66 Northern Trans-Pennine Project between Stephen Bank and Carkin Moor.

The second meeting on Tuesday 15 June at 5.30pm Sally will be attending.

The agenda is below for your information


· Introductions

· Detailed Review of the Proposed Route

· Feedback from the Community

· Next CLG

During the meeting, I would like to provide an opportunity for you to share comments or questions you may have received from your local community recently. We are happy to respond to any questions or comments during the meeting. If we are unsure of an answer, we will respond via email to you following the session. We will also take the feedback away with us to share with the design team. I would like to thank those representatives who have already sent in feedback. The feedback received so far has been shared with the design team and we will be responding to the feedback in the meeting.

Any comments or concerns to me in writing/email before 15th June so I can raise them please.

Defibrillator Training. – names have been passed onto Brian Kay at Kirby Hill who will be touch with training dates as soon as he knows. This is the latest I have received from him

“Due to the current COVID 19 situation we are unable to offer our standard awareness system and at present we would not be considering any face to face sessions until July and this would be dependent on the then government advice. Due to the new restrictions in place we will review again during June. We now have a Zoom facility to offer awareness sessions online and I have put the link to book below.

Meanwhile we can offer the links below for guidance and support.

Martin Fagan’s 24 minute awareness talk.


Lifeline View Film

Village improvements.


The triangle has not been sown with seeds as planned as was too late and YDMT recommends autumn planting.

The green and triangle to be surveyed for plant species

The area left long to be mown at end of July/August as per YDMT and Plant life recommendations and again late autumn with all clippings removed.

People able to mow the large area of the green to be approached by WPM for availability and costs involved as larger machinery required for this.

Thank you to Sue Amery for a donation of a buddleia to attract butterflies and pollinators which will be sited in one of the nature recovery areas.

A further donation of plants was received from Ravensworth Nurseries who have been amazing at supporting us.

Streetlights update

A bid has been put in to RDC to improve the current street lighting for the village.

With respect to the opportunity to request new streetlights as seen on RDC website – would it be possible to use our bid to upgrade existing lights to solar powered ones in keeping with our aim to be Net Zero Carbon as a village? Solar power would be more beneficial for the pollinators and insects who are affected by LED lighting.

Also, could we swop the position of one of the lights? It is currently on a pole in the front garden of Ashford Cottage and doesn’t afford any particular benefit to residents there. If it was to be relocated on the telegraph pole actually on the lane it would be beneficial to vehicles and pedestrians using Hagg Lane.”

This is the response I have received from RDC – which is disappointing.

“Thank you for your enquiry about the Council’s street lighting scheme.

The funding is available to provide new street lighting only but not to change / adapt existing streetlights so I’m afraid it will not be available for your intended purpose.

Let me know if you have any further queries.”

Whashton Wildlife Group (WWG) – after the meeting on 31st May it was decided to keep the focus on biodiversity as the second strand to our Net carbon Zero plan and not to have a WWG as a separate entity.


Summer PICNIC on the green August bank holiday Sunday 3.00pm. (Sunday 29thAugust)

Quiz night – Dalton Village Hall Friday 19th November 7pm – tickets £5 (available soon) from John, Ian, Sally, Richard Osborne or Richie Smith

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