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December Newsletter

Whashton Newsletter - December 2021

Whashton Parish Meeting Committee wish you all a very Happy, Healthy, and peaceful festive Season.

Please read the following carefully as it contains some important information for the Parish.

Precept decision and implications:

The Parish Meeting held on 1st December voted against a proposal for a Precept in 2022/23, which has financial implications. There are several essential expenses which the Parish must meet. For newcomers to the village, The Village Green was given to the Parish in 1969 by Major Craddock. It was part of the conditions that it ‘was kept as an open space’ and therefore the Parish has a responsibility to maintain its upkeep. We have certain legal obligations relating to insurance for it. We also need to have a website to be compliant with the Transparency Code in terms of finances. To run the 100 Club, we also need to have a Small Society Lottery Licence (Gambling Act 2005). To hold Parish Meetings, we also need a public, easily accessible venue in which these to be held, which means we must hire a space. All 4 scheduled meeting of 2022 will be at Ravensworth Village Hall. Historically we have also supported the cutting of the Village green by paying for fuel costs.

These financial obligations mean that the 100 Club, launched at the meeting on 1st December, must succeed to at least cover these expenses. Anyone interested in purchasing a number for the monthly 100 club draw can do so by contacting:

Richard Osborne (

Sally Zaranko (

Any replacement mowers, defibrillator, signage etc or parts required by the ‘mower servicing team’, will have to come from any money left from 100 club, voluntary contributions, or grant applications.

This gives us a great opportunity to come together as a Parish, in true community spirit, to celebrate and work collectively to preserve our fantastic Parish, which incidentally has 46 bird species which are on the red or amber endangered species list 2021.

Road Safety:

You are more likely to be seriously injured or killed on rural roads than urban roads. An initiative supported by 45 councils in North Yorkshire, termed ‘20’s Plenty’ will be discussed at the next Parish Meeting on 5th January and a vote taken on whether Whashton Parish Meeting should support this.

New Website:

We have a new website We hope that it is easy to navigate and that all residents can find their way around the site, and it is a one stop shop for information relating to the Parish. All newsletters, minutes and updates will be available on there from Jan 2022. You will notice the quarterly publication of the newsletters and the 4 meetings per year of the committee which will start in January 2022.

Meeting dates; Wednesdays at 7.00pm Ravensworth Village hall

Q1. January - 5th January

Q2. April AGM – election of key officers – 6th April

Q3. July AGAR – 6th July

Q4. October PRECEPT – 5th October

Newsletters to be released quarterly to include minutes;

Q1 Feb – Winter

Q2 May – Spring

Q3 August -Summer

Q4 November – Autumn

This and subsequent newsletters will be sent via email and posted on the website, and any residents who require paper copies will still be accommodated as we have worked hard to make sure everyone is informed of what goes on in the parish. Unless I hear from you, I will assume you no longer require a paper copy. Please contact Sally by the end of December if you wish to continue to receive a paper copy next year. Contact details at the end of the newsletter.

Defibrillator Update:

Having had discussions with both Kathryn Guy and Joanne Watson, Community Defibrillation Co-ordinator, Community Resilience Team) the following guidance is now being issued to the parish:

In the event of anyone having a cardiac arrest, be it a friend, family member or member of the public, you must in the first instance ring 999.

The call handler will talk you through CPR if you are the only person with the patient – they will not leave you until the ambulance crew arrive.

If there is more than one person with the patient, which you will be asked, the second person will be given the code for the defibrillator if the incident location address is within 600 metre radius of the defibrillator, so that they can go and get it and then be talked through how to use it, and the patient will at no point be left unattended. If the incident location address is outside the 600-metre radius, you will be asked if you know of any defibrillators nearby, please advise them of the defibrillator location, they will look for and advise you the access code.

The following information is displayed on the noticeboard and cabinet itself:

Grid ref: NZ151206147. NZ151061

What3words: deployed.adopting.superbly

Postcode: DL11 7JL

RING 999 for ambulance and cabinet code.

Kathryn Guy checks the cabinet every Monday and this is recorded with the ambulance service, so they know it is in working order.

Whashton Parish meeting have responsibility to replace pads when used and for its upkeep.

Whashton Parish - Net Zero Carbon Footprint Project:

Barningham held a social evening which was very informative on the Net Zero Carbon Project and most enjoyable. In the New Year we are hoping to talk to Barningham and other Holme Dale villages to try and get a joint ‘carbon zero approach’ and potential greener energy solutions. Excellent information to support becoming Net Zero and information leaflets about saving energy can be found on and we thank the team there for letting us share them with us.

Green Dr visit – on 1 December Matt Eves came and surveyed a property in the Village to produce an EPC and talked to two households about ground and air source heating. Matt is still available to come to any homeowner who wishes to get advice and can be contacted via the leaflet previously distributed.

Village improvements:

Bulbs to plant – The Whashton Parish Meeting Committee want to publicly thank Ravensworth Nurseries for again supporting this village – this time with a generous donation of bulbs: narcissus, iris and tulips which will be planted as soon as possible to ensure a spring display. If you would like to help with this, please contact Sally.

Tree Whips have arrived – the small tree whips have arrived, and I have potted them up until we have time to put them in. If you would like to help both planting and deciding where they should go – please contact Sally.

Thank you to Christine Taylor for donation of woodchip and Grahame Dickinson for tractor and time donation to help keep weeds down at the back wooded area and for around the new saplings. Sally and John are trying to coordinate a time to do this – any volunteers to help with this would be appreciated – let me know and I will email when we need the help. Weather permitting of course!

Flower meadow seed trial on The Green /woodland edge at back of the green

At the Precept Meeting on 1st December, a question was raised on whether the Village Green could be turned into a meadow. In response, Richard Osborne shared this idea which he saw when visiting Sandringham:

“The Sandringham visitor centre, dug up a trial area of grass and planted wildflower seeds. I'm attaching photos of the sign that was erected in June to explain, and of the progression of results in September and November. How about a small area being set aside as a trial in Whashton? Obviously, this was a deliberate seed sowing exercise, but the results are definitely worthwhile, and probably more in line with your hopeful intentions. The local authority in Hunstanton also does a similar thing along the grass verges, a metre wide strip along the road planted with wildflower seeds and the grass either side of it being mown. It all looks very attractive. Something to consider?”

We have been given some wildflower seeds after I attended the meadow course earlier this year and so sowing a trial patch seems a great way forward – also leaving maybe a square metre uncut as a comparison and trail might be a way forward. I would suggest the edge closet to the trees is where any trials are undertaken – so as not to detract from the more formal front of the green. Again, anyone interested in please contact Sally.

Quiz night - postponement – to be reviewed in 2022

Social events in general – call for ideas as we are now responsible as a Parish for raising our own funds if anyone has any Covid appropriate (as I don’t think this is going away any time soon) suggestions of further fund raising events or activities please let any member of the committee know and we will then circulate ideas in newsletters and online.

DATE for YOUR DAIRY: the next meeting will be on 5th January 2022 at Ravensworth Village Hall and this meeting will include a presentation of a revised budget and financial position following on from the decision of the meeting not to raise a precept and therefore rely on the 100 club and any other social activities.

01748 824185 house phone with answer machine

07754436927 - mobile

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