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Crime Bulletin

Crime Bulletin Richmond Rural Area

November 2021

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As the nights draw in we can often see a slight rise in reports of burglary. This is due to the fact that people are less likely to be detected in the dark. The chances of being the victim of such crimes are still very low in Richmondshire and we hope by considering the following points we can help make your homes and businesses less appealing to criminals.

· Do you have external motion censored lighting?

· Do you have adequate locks on your sheds and out buildings?

· Do you let your trusted neighbours know when you are away from your home address for long periods of time so they can keep an eye on your home?

· Do you have CCTV covering your drives and gardens?

· Do you leave valuables in clear view of your windows?

· Do you leave your car keys in view of your windows or close to your front door?

· Do you advertise on social media when you are away from home?

· Do you remember to lock your doors and windows when you go out?

With these points in mind, I ask you all to look at what security measures you currently have around your homes and gardens. I hope you take the opportunity to check your security measures in preparation for the winter months. If you feel particularly vulnerable or need any help or advice please do not hesitate to contact one of the team.

Incidents of note

I’m pleased to say that crime over the last few months has been relatively low around the Richmond rural areas most reports have been regarding anti-social behaviour and poaching. The total number of reports made is 37.

BROMPTON ON SWALE- 19/11/21- Theft of Caravan

DALTON ON TEES- 12/11/21- Theft of power tools and generator from motor vehicle.

NORTH COWTON- 12/11/21- Male seen trying car door handles trying to gain entry.

NORTH COWTON- 12/11/21- Charity box theft from the selling of eggs.

NORTH COWTON- 15/11/21- Poachers on land.

MELSONBY- 21/11/21- Poachers on land causing criminal damage to crops.

MOULTON- 22/11/21 Poachers on Land.

DALTON GATES- 24/11/21- Attempted theft of a Tele handler.

Crime and ASB Data


No of Incidents

Anti-Social Behaviour

Environmental – 3

Nuisance - 4

Personal - 5

Auto crime


Burglary :


Criminal Damage


Theft (including from shops)


Violence Against the Person


Other crimes including Drugs









Rural Team Please do not hesitate to contact Bernie, Felicity or Connor We will endeavour to help and support where we can.

PC 1158 Bernie Luker, PCSO 3651 Connor Mattison, PCSO 4303 Felicity Wilkinson

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